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Resume Template 2

A print-ready PDF resume

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About resume template

This is print-ready template. You can easily create PDF resume & print it for a hard copy. Like all of our other resume templates, this one also comes with inline resume builder / editor. At the end, what you see is what you get!

Use this resume template as a strong weapon and project yourself one of the best candidates for the job position. Get it printed and showcase it. You are already half way through in your interview!

  • Type Print-ready template
  • Themes 5 different options
  • Sections Total 8 sections
  • Style Very clean & professional
Resume template 2: CV Ease- Online resume maker

Template details

This template looks very clean & professional. Use of color & graphics is very low in this template to give it cleaner look. Small use of color & graphical icons give it stylish look keeping its cleanness intact. Though use of colors is very low, like resume template 1, you have option to change primary color of the CV. You get 5 different options to choose color.

Why this resume template?

As this template is print-ready, you can get the print out and carry with them for an interview. Its style of placing the sections will help your interviewer to understand what you have done so far and can arrive at a conclusion very quickly. Now, no one can ignore your CV easily!

Print-ready PDF resume

You can generate beautiful PDF which looks exactly similar to web version!

Easy to edit

What you see is what you get! You need not to use any console or any forms to fill up the data.

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Overall, our template two is nice and clean yet powerful resume template. Use it and increase your chance to win the job in a real quick time. Create resume now!

Features list

  • Print-ready PDF
  • PDF creation settings
  • Inline editor
  • Interactive skill sets
  • Easily configurable
  • Secure