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Resume Template 3

A print-ready PDF resume

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About resume template

This is our second print ready CV template from the set! It has clean & material like design. Like our resume template 1 & other resume templates, this template also consists of several important sections such as education, experience, skills, contact details etc.

This template could be useful for freshers as we've put education section on top. Hence, you can showcase what you have learnt more easily. Get started by signing up with us and use the facility of creating best resume!

  • Type Print-ready PDF resume
  • Themes 5 different options
  • Sections Total 8 sections
  • Style Material & flat
Resume template 3: CV Ease- Online resume maker

Template details

This resume template is inspired from Google's material design. There are 5 different color options available. We have used all flat colors so that it looks good with material design. We focus more on single page resume (also called as one page resume). This template is a perfect design for a one page resume. Who-ever is looking into your resume will get all important information very easily & quickly.

Why this resume template?

This template uses modern design and follows latest design trend. All the color options also follow latest web & mobile design &color trend. If you think that you are a trendy person, you should use this template as this makes an extra impression on interviewer.

Print-ready PDF resume

Can generate beautiful PDF which looks exactly similar to Web version!

Material design

This template is designed with keeping material & flat design in mind.

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As our other PDF resume templates, this one is also print-ready. You can create PDF resume from this template with many different PDF setting. You don't get these options anywhere else for creating a PDF resume. That's why our users call it one of the best resume builders.

Features list

  • Print-ready PDF
  • PDF creation settings
  • Inline editor
  • Flat colors
  • Easily configurable
  • Secure