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Resume Template 4

Stylish print-ready PDF resume

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About resume template

This is another print-ready PDF resume template and it is one of the best resume templates ever. It is vertically divided into two parts and like our other resume templates, this template also consists of several important sections such as education, experience, skills, contact details etc.

This template is pretty clean with a touch of modern design. It suits for any industry and for any candidate. Very decent colors & graphical icons are used in this template so that it doesn't look too shiny.

  • Type Print-ready PDF resume
  • Themes 5 different options
  • Sections Total 8 sections
  • Style Decent colors & icons
Resume template 4: CV Ease- Online resume maker

Template details

Use of color & graphics is limited in this template. That makes it more professional yet stylish. Colored border of 15px on the left side of the resume makes it very unique & stylish. On the left side of resume, there is a little darker section where we have Name, Position, Contact details, Skills and Languages information. Skills & languages are displayed in progress-bar style with your percentage expertise. Right side covers other information like Professional introduction, Experience, Education, Projects & Awards.

Why this resume template?

This is a stylish resume template which is perfect suitable for IT as well as non-IT professionals. This template makes a perfect one page resume with impressive representation of all data.

Print-ready PDF resume

Can generate beautiful PDF that looks exactly similar to Web version!

Decent yet stylish

Very decent but a stylish resume template with easy to use resume builder.

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As all other templates, this one is also print-ready. You can create PDF resume from this template with many different PDF setting. You don't get these options anywhere else for creating a PDF resume.

Features list

  • Print-ready PDF
  • PDF creation settings
  • Inline editor
  • 5 different color options
  • Easily configurable
  • Secure