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Resume Template 5

Stylish print-ready PDF resume

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About resume template

This is another print-ready PDF resume template and it is very professional yet stylish resume template. It has been designed in time-line format and like our other resume templates, this template also consists of several important sections such as education, experience, skills, contact details etc.

This template is has a very stylish and modern design with use of latest fonts and graphical icons. It suits for any industry and for any candidate. Use of color is not very high but there is a light and dark color combination on the page with time-line design.

  • Type Print-ready PDF resume
  • Themes 5 different options
  • Sections Total 8 sections
  • Style Time-line format for resume
Resume template 5: CV Ease- Online resume maker

Template details

This is very professional yet stylish resume template. Use of time-line format to display education, experience & projects section makes it very modern. You don't get to see such CV easily. This is one of the very unique resume template which looks awesome on paper and on web as well. You can use it for your online resume as well as for a printed hard copy of your CV.

Why this resume template?

This is a modern resume template with USP (unique selling point) of being awesome on paper as well as on web. Time-line format to display your professional history brings the liveliness in your CV. So, don't wait anymore and just create your resume now!

Print-ready PDF resume

Can generate beautiful PDF that looks exactly similar to Web version!

Modern & stylish

Very modern and a stylish resume template with easy to use resume builder.

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Like many of our other templates, this one is also print-ready. You can create PDF resume from this template with many different PDF setting. You can set different margins on top, bottom, left, right etc. You can create gray-scale PDF if you want. You can generate A4 or a letter sized PDF.

Features list

  • Print-ready PDF
  • PDF creation settings
  • Inline editor
  • 5 different color options
  • Easily configurable
  • Secure